Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Love is all and about a tragic desire

Someone was walking on the streets, perhaps was going to somewhere, to find something, to find yourself. Love is it, is a state of luck, while you are searching it. Some people that I know have been suffering because the love of someone else. A very close friend told me yesterday that he was quite nervous and depressed because he and his girlfriend had breakup. If you never pass though a situation like this someday you´ll feel the same thing; While this not happen, you can help me to understand why love is such a challenge, a terrible and a tragic desire that begins when we fall in love. And trying to find a good reason to believe in love is how I start my history:

Since the day I break up with my ex boyfriend I throught that I never be in love again, and also I was planning about live my hole life alone dedicating the days of my existence only to myself. Fortunately, I was really wrong. Later I discovered that this is a selfish point of view because we need of other people and relationships was the perfect combination to do that. Love is the way to self knowledge...

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